Delta 8 Hemp Derived Disposable Vape Pen - .3ml

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Delta 8 typically provides an energizing or uplifting effect with a calming body feeling. Individual results may vary. Our extracts are extremely concentrated with cannabinoids and terpenes. Our Delta 8 is derived from hemp and is federally legal. Each vape pen is breath activated and comes with a glass cartridge containing a ceramic coil to provide the best flavor and clean vaporization. Contains approximately 250mg PRODUCT INFORMATION Our all in one disposable battery and cartridge contains .3ml (approximately 250MG) of Delta 8 with added Grape Ape terpenes. We say approximately because the strengths of the extract can have some variation, we aim to be as close to 250MG per cartridge as possible. Our COAs with the exact strength are available on our COA page. Each package has the corresponding batch printed on the back for reference and a QR code to view our COAs. Start small and take 1 small puff. Wait 20 minutes before re-administering and do not exceed 3 seconds per puff. Store upright in a cool, dry place. A small air bubble may be present at the top of the cartridge. This is normal and helps provide the wicking action to the ceramic coil. If the device isn't producing vapor, carefully unscrew the mouthpiece and replace it. Wait 10 minutes for the coil to wick and puff again.